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Don't be fooled: Crypto is going up because of market manipulation - Whenever you see cryptocurrency prices suddenly rise, that's probably why.

by Matt Binder

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@silverbullet Not sure if someone is working on a "slides" plug for SilverBullet, but if not I may try to whip one up soon

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marp is a leader so far! Idk if I posted about it but I recently switched to @silverbullet for my personal notes/writing, so I'm trying to write this prez all in markdown with it and then use a tool that can eat md and spit out nice looking slides. marp did that with a simple `npx` command line!

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engaging in that time honored tradition: procrastinating on writing my presentation by trying different slides software heehee

every day I continue to be astonished by how easy it is to miss easy bugs in JS

I would like to change this whole narrative of "this one poor unemployed developer in Alaska is maintaining for free in their spare time a software library that is used by this multi-million dollar corporation", and look at it from the perspective of "this irresponsible team of developers at this multi-million dollar corporation choose to use a software library that is poorly maintained, and got away with it without any consequences".

Thank you Tumblr
I needed to hear about relic English still living among us

ed: corrected tense


That process processes best which processes least

heard this in a slack group I’m in of tech/software folks. not convinced it’s always true, but I do think belief in this idea results in lots of issues at startups. would be curious to hear others' thoughts!

I'm an unapologetic #infrastructure nerd, so I'm glad this map exists:

This is the #electricity infrastructure in the US. You can look at the transmission lines in your area, look at generation capacity, etc. For example, there are two cogeneration plants in my area that I didn't know about, including a small one on the #UofU campus that's part of the high-temperature water system we use for heating. You can click though to get details of historical generation, etc.

There are also versions of this map for natural gas, etc.

As for just how much of an infrastructure nerd I am: when my kid was around 6, I took them on an electrical tour. We started from an outlet, to the panel, to the meter, followed the line to a substation, and followed the transmission lines to a generating plant on the west side of #SLC . This stuff is total catnip for me.

"An educational software system of a tiny self-compiling C compiler, a tiny self-executing RISC-V emulator, and a tiny self-hosting RISC-V hypervisor"

huge news from servo! I’d completely forgotten about it tbh, but super glad to hear they’re getting funding!

nothing like a tussle over process to get the morning going…

Since I just saw yet another developer use '' in an example configuration, a reminder that you MUST NOT use publicly routable addresses that you do not control in your code.

Instead, use one of the available 'TEST-NET' IPv4 or IPv6 ranges documented in RFC 6890, such as;


Pass it on to all of your fellow developers, documentation writers, and so forth.

Full RFC is here;

I think it's fun to build tiny specialized Mastodon clients for myself, that do a subset of what a normal Mastodon client does, but in a slightly different way.

the source for this one is here:

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