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Howdy! I'm Hapax (aka Jahziel). Very broad interests include:
- Systems programming
- Self-improvement (think *Atomic Habits* stuff)
- Exercise (running, weights)
- Reading
Stuff I'm getting into/thinking about lately:
- How to change the computing industry's approach to building successful businesses
- How to stop crypto from taking over the world
- Better notetaking (Diving deep into Obsidian)
- mechanical keyboards
- music (guitar and singing mainly)
Let's connect! 💾

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“I’m not a guy who knows things, I’m a guy who figures things out” - overheard on the web (and my new personal motto)

We're glad to share the Servo project roadmap for 2023:
Let's work together to achieve these goals.

The carbon footprint of NFTs on Ethereum wasn’t looking great before The Merge, but it was nothing compared to on-chain Bitcoin NFTs

Yesterday Bitcoin mining company Luxor mined the largest block ever, containing almost exactly 4MB of data. Only 63 transactions could fit into the block, as the NFT used up the rest of the available space

The carbon footprint: ~888 metric tons of CO2, equivalent to the per passenger carbon footprint of taking a flight from New York to Tokyo and back - 466 times

@bcantrill dropping some smokin' hot parenting wisdom... such a great talk, and a shame that it's so surprising to hear a talk about the intersection of technology and actual humans and how humans work. We need more of this!!!

They're far more accessible than RPis, and more powerful (I think?), you can get Linux on them fairly easily iirc... Might need to buy a couple and try it out 👀

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I’m finding lots of deals online for $40-50 Chromebooks… Has anyone ever turned a stack of these into a compute cluster??

Facebook/Meta laid off 11,000 people and now is doing 40 BILLION in stock buybacks. None of these companies care about cost cutting, they saw an opportunity to suppress wages without any criticism and they took it.

I made dalgona coffee this morning! One of the few times I've made a recipe from YouTube that turned out pretty much exactly like the video

When there's no room for cars, there's room for everything else.

Photo: Groningen, #Netherlands.

honestly I have walk myself back from leaving computers behind to become a fisherman pretty much every day

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Saw this on r/terriblefacebookmemes... but I wholeheartedly agree tho??¿¿ 😳🤔😬

Never forget, the Dutch invest €595 million annually on urban biking, resulting in €19 BILLION saved in public health care costs alone. That’s how smart govts do the math on investing in better mobility.

Let’s be clear — it wastes public money to NOT do it.

#CityMakingMath Source: @modacitylife

Here's an organizational hack I've used a few times which I think more people should try: run your own personal engineering blog inside your organization

You can use it as a place to write about projects you are working on, share TILs about how things work internally, and occasionally informally advocate for larger changes you'd like to make

Crucially: don't ask for permission to do this! Find some existing system you can cram it into and just start writing

woof, I sadly lost all my silverbullet notes (thankfully there weren’t too many yet!) after trying to upgrade my server instance and misunderstanding the relationship between a Docker volume and a Fly volume. server’s back up and should be upgrade-proof!

Excel is not a spreadsheet. Excel is a full-featured virtual machine running a smalltalk-inspired REPL whose display layer happens to resemble a spreadsheet.

Something like a third of the world’s money goes through Excel every single day, and the reason you don’t think Excel is a Real Programming Language is because if we admitted that, we’d have to admit that most of the most important software in the world was written by underpaid women in pink collar jobs, and we can’t have that.

A lot of y'all still don't get it. Lorem holders can dolor multiple sit amit on a single consectetur.
So if you have 1 adipiscing elit and 3 sed do you can eiusmod 3 tempor incididunt

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